Full Version: New QBNZ Challenge opened: Top down racing game
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The latest QBNZ challenge has been opened: Create a Top Down Racing Game for QBasic. You're allowed a lib and can use QMIDI added on to that lib for sound, so you're not limited in graphics and sound. The competition will run for two months until the 17th of January 2K4. For more information, please check out the official challenge thread.
Finally, a real challenge...hasn't been any good challenges since Lachie's kickass one-key challenge.
Didn't post it on QBNZ, but I do it here. Due to some lack of time I'll skip this challenge... :roll:
wow, really? oh well, more chances for me to win :wink:
Neo, you wanted another trophy, didn't you Smile

Well, if Nek and Mech participate that means we have a challenge Tongue
wow, a challenge that more than one person is in, this is gonna be harder than i thought :wink:
I'm entering!!!!!!!!!

Got you there eh? :rotfl:
Sad I quit.... :lol:
Quote:Sad I quit.... :lol:
Well there goes MY motivation to create a great game Cry
sooorry. i was being sarcastic anyway. I will only have to try even harder now Big Grin
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