Full Version: New QBNZ Challenge opened: Top down racing game
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Quote:sooorry. i was being sarcastic anyway. I will only have to try even harder now Big Grin
That's more like it Big Grin Now I don't have to hold back :evil:

And if you don't enter, I'll sic Rhiannon on you! Big Grin

Oh wait...that wouldn't exactly be a bad thing, now would it...
I'M IN!!!!
Sadly, QMIDI is the devil personified. It croaked on me after I installed a keyhandler, so now I have qfak set up to just run a winamp playlist when it starts instead. Not nice, but it works without crashing. :\
Dude if yer gonna go that route, just use DS4QB++ Smile trust me, do it do it do it! Big Grin
I played a DS4QB game (dun't remember which version it was), and when i switched out of the program for a bit, the sound kept playing...
Of course. Tongue DS4QB and all its descendants are a seperate sound module from the main program that calls it, and that sound module runs independantly. The only intervention is when the main program sends commands to the sound module, so of course if you switch out of the main program, the sound will still play. Big Grin
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