Full Version: edit button for news submissions..
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I forgot to put a link in the first submission so I had to submit it twice. Please don't post it twice!

It would be a good feature.

A timeout would be needed (1 day?) so that history doesn't get constantly rewritten.
Yeah. I could use that feature right now. Posted news that one key challenge will last until the 24th while 1 hour later I've found out I won't be online on the 24th.

I don't think an edit feature will be coming soon due to the way QBasicNews is designed.... the best thing you can do is resubmit your news and include something in the resbumittion saying that we should ignore the first submittion.

So, basically, Aga, I've seen your two news submittions and I'll post the one with the link. Lachie, do you still want me to post your submittion even though you said you won't be online on the 24th?