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Agamemnus has released a working function set for QB, with a lot of help from Plasma's functions. It deals with creating file lists based on extensions, longname to shortname conversion, and shortname to longname conversion. You can download it at http://www.geocities.com/pisforpi/ or direct link http://www.geocities.com/pisforpi/files.zip(right click/save as).
where is this site!?

GProg Softwares
The link is dead, but the parent directory contains some interesting maths Wink
Link isn't dead, just a bit off-center.

That's files.zip of course, you silly people you! Also, don't forget to go to the parent site first. I can rename it a txt so you can save and rename it, though..

I'm going to put this in the FAQ if Plasma is OK with it, as I see you already have some of your files stuff there Plasma..
I've updated the original post with both links now.
thanks! Smile
I don't know what happened.. I normally check all links before posting(to make sure they work).. I'll blame it on some obscure phpBB bug ;-)
thank u very much!
Big Grin