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hey, i have no idea if this is possible Tongue (great way to start a challenge) but...

Last night I was trippin balls with one of my friends Smile anyways, when we were drivin hes all like, "Dude, check it out I rain-X'd my windshield" (it was raining lol) so anyways i all looked for a second and i was like whoa that looks cool cause its all like beaded up n trippy n everything! ANYWAYS sorry. (this is relevant i swear) so i get to lookin at the water, and its like beads... and they get bigger and bigger until they finally cant hold on any longer, and then they blew off the top of the windshield, and i was thinking, 'you know i wonder how hard it would be to code that in qb' (common thoughts) like, in other words every variable simulated such as windspeed, individual drop sizes, stablility... etc.

So that in itself would be a challenge i think. but theres more Wink

Then I get to thinkin. 'Hey man that'd be freakin nuts if you set up somethin where like you had music playin to this (like 'visualization' style) and every time the bass hit, all the drops would lose some of the 'stability' variable and would be more likely to blow off. (i havent tested it, but i imagine that would happen in real life as well.) Am I the only one that thinks something like that would look mega freakin awesome?

And even COOLER would be if you could rotate it(the piece of 'glass'), so you could actually see the drops fly off if mega bass hit it!

Anybody think this can be done in QB??
I think this is a great idea. Its quite advanced. But I think it is very much possible in QB =P
Where's relsoft? Wink
Oracle: Daughter sick. ;*(
Awwww dude....

Hope Anya gets better soon... you're a nurse, I know you can handle it Smile


rel: hope ur daughter feels better Smile

does anyone have any idea as to where i could find a lib or something to read freq. levels on music input? i have no idea how to get readings on bass as opposed to treb.... help? :???:
You have to use the FFT and then read the lower part of the spectrum using a low pass filter. This won't be available in any library as far as I know, but you will be able to find the algos all over the internet. Good luck!


Quote:You have to use the FFT...

what's that? :???:

Quote:Good luck!

Thanx, Ima need it Tongue
FFT = Fast Fourier Transform. It changes from time domain (a sample) to frequency domain. You need to be in the frequency domain to detect low frequencies. There are some maths involved, I fear I can't explain them here in a blast Tongue check google if you are really interested. You'll need to know some calculus.


Quote:You'll need to know some calculus.

:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

ohhhh maaaaan, but the thing is i only got a 120 mhz, anyways, so i doubt it would even be able to work at alll on my cpu. sigh i was hoping some1 would just be like 'oh that can be done like this' *cough*rel*cough* lol well i dunno i wont forget it, but ya... thanxs for ur help, nathan
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