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I want a new contest. Preferrably non-screensaver.

18 line game?

24 line game?


Do away with (insert small number here)-lines all together?

Maybe under 50 line something?

i like the sound of <= 64 lines, but that's me
64 is nice because it's a power of two witch all computers is built on
*dreams away in a pink computerromantic mist*
i'm tired of line limits. how about this:

you must tweak the gameplay of one of the old ball/paddle games (pong, breakout, etc) to make it more interesting. this contest will be based entirely on gameplay, not graphics, so low-res line/circle graphics will be judged on par with those with fancy sprites and are recommended. milo sedlack's multikey and seav's timer are permitted for use to jump the hurdle, but no other external code (including libraries) may be used. try to be as creative as you can, but dont let that limit how fun the game is.
Maybe. I dunno.

I am thinking of redoing my pong game but I am having trouble with collision detection. Problems occur when the PADDLE moves INSIDE the ball...
Well since I've seen some pretty impressive stuff using only 9 lines where every line is valuable and unsparable, having even 2 or 3 more lines would will be like getting gold. But I would say 20 lines max because with up to 64 lines you can proabably construct a simple 3D raycaster. It defies the point of the challenge.
actually, rel designed a simple 3d raycaster in 13 lines Big Grin
okay: poll time

a: 64 line game
b: 20 line game
c: ball/paddle remake
d: other (specify)

read the above threads before you post. respond with a letter. explain if you have another idea, it will be added to the poll.
like I said, 20 lines should be enough to see some pretty impressive stuff. Rel, show me that 13 line raycaster :bounce:
b, 20.
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