Full Version: :P smilie in this forum stinks.
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I mean, what this smilie is doing? Tongue

It sure is not mocking or joking or being self-sarcastic.

It just a toothless smile. Find one more funny. Like this one: [Image: icon_razz.gif]

PHPBB smilies suck in general. I have a few nice sets I drew myself if Fling/Oracle/Dav dont mind.
Perhaps you can show them to us Toonski. Admins might decide whether or not to use them Smile
I actually remember your smilies (at least one set) that you drew up closer to the end of the summer. If you want to send me that set I wouldn't mind putting them up as they were pretty damn cool if I do say so myself. Big Grin
I think Tongue is like "HA!" as in, "I got you there Tongue"

Oh, and if you do draw new smilies, they should probably be the same size as these ones...
I think the red thing is supposed to be a tongue, yet badly drawn...
real proggers disable smilies for convention.
real proggers also use FORTRAN.
And GOTO as well, I presume? Tongue

I don't think being a programmer is going to change how you view your smileys, just how much you're online...
Real proggers dont go into discussions on the topic of
whad real proggers do[n't]

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