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Yeah yeah yeah...y'all are movin' into SVGA, 3D, and all that jazz. But nothing beats good old ASCII graphics. Tongue And since I don't think anyone's really going to try this thing out normally anyways, I figured this was a good chance to see some real-world applications built with this library.


Here's the challenge:

-Create any kind of game you want, but it has to be ASCII graphical, and in a non-graphics mode (aka you can't use SCREEN 7 but use ASCII graphics, for example)
-Create this game using ONLY the library at the listed URL, no other libraries are allowed
-You are allowed to add your own routines in BASIC code, or in CALL ABSOLUTE strings
-You must provide the sourcecode upon submission as proof that only this library was used

This competition begins right now (December 18th) and will run until March 1st.

Why am I doing this? It's simple, really. I have no real tests for the library, and am curious as to how well it does in a production environment. Since KOQB'04 won't be ready for some time, it'd be nice to see one or two people trying to make a game with this library. I figure this is a great way of seeing how well this thing does in a real production environment Big Grin

Soooo...anyone up to the challenge? Big Grin
I'm checking out the library, I'll give the challenge a go; I can't exactly moan about lack of graphics now can I ;-)

[*Looks around wondering if "The Beast" is going to enter and blow the competition away*]
Hmmm - Good, this compo starts today that's my birthday...
I will take a glance to the lib.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Na Than!!! And many years. Big Grin

About any programming, I wonder how my computer is atm... Wink
Thanks, Neo Smile

Really cool routines. This library is really interesting. Adosorken, I love text mode stuff, if ya wanna I could try to help you providing some functions Wink I've seen the "future plans" section and I can provide the 512 characters mode and the extended text resolutions, as well as the custom character set loader.


This is my little set of routines to use the 512 characters mode and to load the customized char maps into VGA memory:

DECLARE SUB LoadCharInMap (file$, Map%)
DECLARE SUB BlockBitPlane2 ()
DECLARE SUB UnBlockBitPlane2 ()
DECLARE SUB SelectMaps (Map0%, Map1%)
DECLARE SUB OutPortW (dir%, a%)

SUB BlockBitPlane2
    EgaVgaSequencer% = &H3C4
    EgaVgaGraphCtr% = &H3CE
    OutPortW EgaVgaSequencer%, &H100
    OutPortW EgaVgaSequencer%, &H402
    OutPortW EgaVgaSequencer%, &H704
    OutPortW EgaVgaSequencer%, &H300
    OutPortW EgaVgaGraphCtr%, &H204
    OutPortW EgaVgaGraphCtr%, &H5
    OutPortW EgaVgaGraphCtr%, &H6

SUB LoadCharInMap (file$, Map%)
    d$ = CHR$(0)
    aBase% = &H4000 * Map%
    DEF SEG = &HA000
    f% = FREEFILE
    OPEN file$ FOR BINARY AS #f%
    FOR i% = 0 TO 255
        FOR j% = 0 TO 15
            GET #f%, , d$
            POKE aBase% + j%, ASC(d$)
        NEXT j%
        aBase% = aBase% + 32
    NEXT i%
    CLOSE #f%

SUB OutPortW (dir%, a%)
    OUT dir%, a% AND 255
    OUT dir% + 1, a% \ 256

SUB SelectMaps (Map0%, Map1%)
    DIM Regs AS RegType
    DIM OutPortWs AS RegType
    ' Bytes:
    Map0% = Map0% AND 255
    Map1% = Map1% AND 255
    ' Acceso a los registros
    Regs.ax = &H1103
    b% = (Map0% AND 3) + (Map0% AND 4) * 4
    c% = (Map1% AND 3) * 4 + (Map1% AND 4) * 8
    bc% = b% + c%
    Regs.bx = bc%
    INTERRUPT &H10, Regs, OutPortWs

SUB UnBlockBitPlane2
    EgaVgaSequencer% = &H3C4
    EgaVgaGraphCtr% = &H3CE
    OutPortW EgaVgaSequencer%, &H100
    OutPortW EgaVgaSequencer%, &H302
    OutPortW EgaVgaSequencer%, &H304
    OutPortW EgaVgaSequencer%, &H300
    OutPortW EgaVgaGraphCtr%, &H4
    OutPortW EgaVgaGraphCtr%, &H1005
    OutPortW EgaVgaGraphCtr%, &HE06

To use it you just do this:

LoadCharInMap "charset1.fnt", 0
LoadCharInMap "charset2.fnt", 1
SelectMaps 0, 1

... where charset1.fnt and charset2.fnt are standard 4096 bytes text-mode font files (all the 256 characters, 16 bytes each).

Now remember that with colour 0-7 you print with the charset1 font and with colour 8-15 you print with the charset2 font, so adjust your palettes.

If you, reader, don't know what the heck the 512 characters mode is, check this demo Right-click -> Save as


Edited once more: I can't work with the enhaced SVGA text modes 'cause my card doesn't seem to support them. I just call the interrupt and it does... nothing Tongue :o


happy bday nathan! my bday was actually yesterday Smile

as for the ascii compo, i think maybe ill join... i dunno if i have time it sounds cool! well peace
Quote:Hmmm - Good, this compo starts today that's my birthday...
I will take a glance to the lib.
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nooooooooooooooo! You share yer birthday with one of my ex's!!! nooooooooooooo!


Seriously though Big Grin happy birthday man, and I'll add the stuff to the lib asap Smile And happy belated birthday to you cha0s Big Grin
Thanks chaos and Adosorken.

Adosorken: I think your could wrap these functions inside one. Having them separated would allow do some tweaks and stuff, but in 99.99% of cases you just want to switch to 512 characters mode, load the fonts, and that's all. That "BlockBitPlane2" & co. stuff may look way too strange for most people :lol:
Yeah that's probably a good idea. Will do Big Grin

...as soon as Rhiannon gives me the network cable so I can download this stuff to my dev computer...sheesh we need a hub badly Sad
A Most Happy Birthday, Na_th_an! And many more!!!

whew, got that out of my system... Just wanted to see for once what that would be like. Not trying to make fun of someone :wink:
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