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what is the reasoning behind haveing to register to be able to post?
So lamers don't come on and flood the place with nonsense posts.


*cough*batman*cough* :rotfl:
Quite true adosorken, when users have to register before posting, you prevent them from posting when they have in their minds only coming here once or twice.

Btw, ado, what an avatar you have!
I think this new red avatar more accurately represents my own inner fire and passion for programming. The "Lee" one was ok but didn't really say anything other than "Hey look, I ripped a picture out of 'Karnov's Revenge'!"

Anyways, what would be kinda nice is to have the GD-powered number verification script...any loser can whip up a ton of Hotmail addresses and troll away all day. Invision has it but I don't think phpBB does, unless there's a mod for it on phpbbhacks or something...
what is GD powered number verification?
It's when, at the time of registry, a pic is displayed (usually near the bottom) with a series of numbers. There is a space that asks you to fill in the numbers. Since only a human can read a pic and not a bot/script/whatever, then only humans can register. Try it out on www.godaddy.com when you do a whois, and you will see the pic. (you dont have to register on godaddy or anything, just click whois and then it'll just ask you for the number to prevent spam.)
I knew that. I just didnt know what its called =P.
I don't think it has an official name, but I could be wrong. Big Grin I worded it like that coz it's logical, coz GD is the graphical library of PHP that handles such things. But you prolly already know that Tongue
I didnt know that Wink
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