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Vplanet! have updated with 2 new reviews and 3 new articles. You can read them at http://vplanet.cjb.net/.
out of curiousity, does anyone know who won Game of the Year at VPlanet? I think I missed it. Sad
Here's the complete list:


The game of the year was Ped Xing's Quest v1.2. Smile
Nice. Thanks Smile
Is that... Martha Stewart Vance?
whoa... how'd I miss that...
oh god that's not martha stewart! man, dont let vance come see that or he'll come up here and start some feudin', dude... hint: she's about 25 years younger and doesnt have homicidal tendencies...
Just do a search on this board, vance said something like: avatars let you show your creative freedom, of course im just saying this so i can have ........ oh wait the boards were deleted. What am i saying.

On the plus side, if you add up all the posters percentages, youll get some insanely high number.
heh.. creative freedom.... that's big bird right? :rotfl:
Well, I haven't seen Martha Stewart enough to know in my mind what she looks like. I just know she's blonde and has that hair style. And what's this about homicidal? She's a friggin cook... :???:
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