Full Version: New competition at Qbasic.tk: Rogue like game
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http://qbasic.tk have launched their first competition. The focus is to make a rogue like game in QB. For more information checkout the competition thread @ http://qbtk.hybd.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=171.
Nice choice of competition. Hope I'll find the time to enter this one and also to see alot of cool qb-roguelikes....finally 8)
Perhaps they were inspired by your article Jocke Wink
Don't try to make me blush woman :oops: And btw, a minigun aimed towards Zap's head could also be the thing that "did it" :wink:
oooohhh....so that's how you get things done.....*takes notes for future occasions*
Me afriad of noo minigun! *bangs on chest* *hides money*


Quote: Funny $#!t

did i mention yall crack me up?? seriously!! :bounce:

i love how jocke called rhia 'woman' unpunished. thats damn near god status if you ask me Smile
Unpunished? Have u seen my "rear-end" lately :wink:
Zap....so THAT'S how he did it *takes more notes*

Cha0s..youre just jealous Tongue

Jocke dont complain...could have been worse :lol:
Quote:Unpunished? Have u seen my "rear-end" lately :wink:

Where's the problem? You entitle yourself 'Sergeant of Pain'.....

Rhiannon: Take a note too that you should never let a chance to make money pass by you.... [Jocke-anoyer-part] Except when they are swedish. They are nothing worth *evil grin* [/Jocke-anoyer-part]
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