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There's a new IRC channel for all fellow QBasic programmers to chat on. Just connect to irc.blarg.ca and join #qbasic and hopefully you will begin to see more people there to chat with. Go here for connection instructions as well as a Java applet to use if you don't have an IRC client. This is meant as an alternative for EFNets #quickbasic which seems to not really be about Qbasic anymore at all.

Hope to see you there
I'm there. Smile
Gettin' online at the chat
Yeah you people have to come more then once remember. Wink See I don't want you to go online and when you see no one there (as there happens to be most of the time right now as it's new) leave and think that no one will ever be there. If people come and see other people there then they will more then likely stay. So someone has to start the staying thing and it might as well be you! *points*
I chat there regularily now!
*Quails under Fling's point*
Heh... some people don't like others pointing at them... perhaps I should be more careful Wink lol
i attempted to join the forums but it said it failed sending tje email (im assuming the activation email) and maybe i'll come around later.
The site itself isn't quite ready regardless so I wouldn't really pay to much attention to it except for the IRC connection instructions. Wink
Cool, I'm up there now! Smile
Is the Qbasic channel always active? I can only find a RPG dev channel on irc.blarg.ca
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