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can you delete your own acount?
Not that I am aware of....

You're not thinking of leaving us, are you diroga???
With phpBB users can't but admins can. But as dark_prevail said I hope you aren't leaving.
you can call me Dark :wink:
Quote:you can call me Dark :wink:

Ok Dark ;-) I tend to use a verbose username when referring to someone I don't know as sometimes people can be very picky about their handles/nicks :lol:
ah well i dont really help people much. i dont program in qb that much either.
so, you dont have to delete your account. just hang around sometimes.
Hey, I hardly ever program in QB anymore, but when I do and I need some technical information, I just search the previous posts. I also annoy people with non-QB specific questions because people around here are less abrhasive than, say, the Usenet Wink.
Cool. Except why does it have a guestbook? :barf: :barf: :barf: Guestbooks are so lame, and people shouldn't have one on their site, or post in guestbooks on other peoples sites. Problem is, I posted in your guestbook. You gonna put that in your paradoxes thing? Big Grin

:na_th_an: :red_marvin:
I'll assume you're talking to me (becuase i guess im the only guy here with a list of paradoxes)

hmmm.... it's more of an oxymoron though (but i do sometimes put oxymorons in) and don't diss the guestbook! it is Glop, Ruler of all sea monkeys! mwahahahahahahahahahah*cough*

actually now that i think about it.... it's more ironic....

(BTW: pm me next time)
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