Full Version: New design of Fomalhaut Software Website
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Agravein has redesigned the Fomalhaut Software Website. You can see the new design at http://fsoft.cjb.net.
don't take this personal, but i believe that they should get a new server. that site is always so slow!
A nice design, but one thing:
That navbar-hover-cursor is awful. Make it look like you can't click on it.
barok is right. Very nice collection of QB games(if those are QB games only) but the server is too slow for someone to be able to navigate properly through the site.
I'm working on it, but it's hard to find a server with at least 5mb file size limit. So, perhaps, I'll move all htmls and files<1mb to the new server and keep big files on old.
There ya go:

Its a nice *free* web host without any ads or banners and its fast
Well, the servers better be faster than the website itself...
these servers are atleast 5x-10x faster than the current one. Depends on your connection as well, you know.
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