Full Version: New website for Flyingsoft
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"Flyingsoft has a new website, with a bunch of cool goodies on the projects page.

We are temporarily located at: http://www.geocities.com/pisforpi/flyingsoft

Flyingsoft is currently composed of the active members Agamemnus, JMB, and Sarlok."

News submitted by Agamemnus
Quote:"Screaming QB is gonna die is like screaming Coca Cola's gonna disappear from the face of the planet while opening your second can of coke! " -Marcade

VERY well put.
yay! I'm in the news! Big Grin


Lots of unique progs!
Does flyingsoft make anything to do with flying???

It's just that I am looking for a qbasic flight simulator.

Anyone know a good one? :???:
The best ever qb flight simultor in 3d(pure qb too) can be found at:


Download issue #2.
Do you mean flight.bas? I already have it. It's ok, but the flicker is horrible, and it uses many GOTOs, making the source impossible to improve Sad

I'll make a better one, once I have more experience...