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Added line numbers just so you don't have to count the lines Tongue

1 OPEN "file to encrypt" FOR BINARY AS #1
2 OPEN "output file" FOR BINARY AS #2
3 Code = 128
4 Bit = 1
6      A$ = " "
7      GET #1, , A$
8      B$ = CHR$(ASC(A$) XOR (Code AND 255))
9      PUT #2, , B$
10     Code = Code + (((((ASC(A$) + LOF(1)) AND 3)) * Bit))
11     Bit = Bit * 2
12     IF Bit = 128 THEN Bit = 1
14 CLOSE 1, 2
what's the adavtage of making your own language. i get it for scripting but QF? that crazy stuff. what do you do for a living BinarySHOCK? develope software?
I make em for fun and a challenge, and i'm currently going to school to learn precision machining and welding. software devving is just a hobby i guess you could say.
Now that this topic has spun out of control anyway, I'd like to introduce you to my own language, OPL - if you wish... But keep in mind, that the encryptor challenge is still on! I am watching you! (By the way, good job there, BinarySHOCK)
hell ya let's see this language!
Sorry! I have mislead you with my signature!!! Please note, that the "now" in my signature should *NOT* be "now". It's "not"!

I just noticed my typo, and it seems, that I have made a great mistake there!

Note the signature below, with the typo corrected:
OPL seems very interesting kinda like basic mixed with asm, it outputs ASM correct? what assembler is the code made for?

Anyways i like the language alot, is there any tutorials about it yet? if there is send em my way (binaryshock@netzero.com) or post a
link i might make a few proggies with it.
OPL generates 80x86 assembly code from BASIC-like source files. It doesn't have any built in commands, hence the commands to be used are placed inside special include files. By now, there are commands for nearly anything you can do - all the important interrupts are covered.

The file type names are as follow:

OIL - OPL Include Library

OCL - OPL Compiled Library (basically, a COM file with another extension)

OPG - OPL Program Graphics - raster graphics file format used with the library MCGA286.OIL

OMF - OPL MAKE File - file for the OPL MAKE program (which is made in OPL!)

OPL - Source code file

Here is an example of the language:

include "file20" # OIL extension automatically assumed if not written
include "strings"

define byte First

array byte String1 # This is how STRINGs are used in OPL
"This is a string$"
array byte String2 5
array byte Correct & "Correct$" & stop

First = 10

loop First
strPrint $String1
strHex First, $String2 & strPrint $String2 # & is line separator

if First = 0 & strPrint $Correct & stop
Hey Pc72, i added a few more commands to MINI and was able to make a file encrypter in it Tongue pretty limited tho, files can't be >4096 bytes (due to stack size that MINI uses), and the encryptions weak but hell whatta expect from a esoteric language?

anyway here's the code for it

Oinfile.dat; (R^) C Ooutfile.dat; vvv(v+32S-32) C

If you'd like to check out the interpreter just pm me.
I included a few sample programs and a tutorial in the source.
Altho it doesn't cover the file commands yet.
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