Full Version: Why isn't my signature showing up?
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I just made a signature for me, but its not showing! Does anyone know why?
Well, 2 possible things:
1) You might have turned off "Always show my signature" in your profile.
2) You might have un-checked the "Attach Signature" option under the box in which you type in to post.
I tried changing it, but to no avail. I'm gonna have another go.

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It appears to be working for me ok.. what is the problem? Not updating correctly or just not displaying(e.g. it shows up in profile but not actual posts).
I can't see it in posts...
You can't see mine?
I can see yours... and funnily enough, I saw webberboys in the general thread... methinks he's turned it off in profile.
ok, I think the problem might have been that I didn't check the 'Attach signature' box when posting (on account of I didn't know it was there). The only thing is that after I updated my profile after making a signature, I tried looking at it (in my profile) to make sure it was there, but it wasn't. Currently it says what oracle put there, but it never said what I put there.
Ok, I found it out. You have to put brackets around it to make it work, like [hello] instead of hello. I looked at the signature oracle put on my account and saw the brackets, so i was like "hmmm, I wonder...." and indeed, that did the trick. But now it has brackets around my signature, but nobody else has brackets. O well, doesn't bother me that much.