Full Version: Merging newbie help and programming help
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I'd rather use the authentication number. I have a cable provider, but my IP may vary at anytime.
OK, I'll start working on that, possibly I'll put a test version on my webspace for test purposes, just using a basic authentication scheme.
AAAAURGHHHH!!!! :evil:

Everytime I clicked on NEW the damn thing didn't write a single bit into the database, and that's because that lil' bastard relies heavily on the magic_quotes being enabled... GRRRRAAH! :evil: So I had to parse every query with mysql_escape_string to make the script work. Goddammit', that crap gave me headaches! To hell with magic_quotes!

Whatever. I've managed to get the thing working, and I've added a simple HTTP authentication (the good 'ol header 401) to the NEW and EDIT functions.

You can check it out at http://qb45.tonez-online.com/hex/wiki

PS: The password is somewhere. (but *that* isn't the password) :roll:


PPS: I forgot to mention that I'm logging the activity there, so if you (yeah, you 1337-4$$h013) start doing stupidities, you can expect retaliation.
Hex, what did I change there...
That's great, HD. I think that this is what we need. Maybe now we should ask Wildcard if he wanted to host in his space Tongue

Then we should give the password to some important QB personalities and begin working .
Looks like a good idea. I don't mind hosting it at all.

It uses a SQL db right? Who should I pm the info to, hex/nathan?
Post the info to Hex. He's who has worked in the authentification system. And yes, it uses MySQL.

This can become a good feature to add to this explendid site Smile
It's "splendid", Nath... :roll:

Basically that WIKI can be easily edited in the graphics department to fit this site theme (because it relies on CSS) and in the add-new-features department (because the code it's modular enough to add things without much fuss). About the authentication, it uses a basic authentication scheme (HTTP header 401:authorization required) who has the authorized username and password hard coded, just for the sake of simplicity. Uses MySQL and needs PHP > 4, with or without magic_quotes enabled (thanks to my own patience...). Uses just one table to work, and like I said before, to add new features it's a breeze.

I'll prepare a ZIP containing the WIKI and some new things for... today? tomorrow? er... soon.
Ok for the "splendid" Tongue you surely had una carcajada espléndida.

In the meantime, we could talk about how are we gonna structure the PseudoWiki. I vote for some main menu in the opening page with:

* Compiler Issues
* Intelligent Memory managing
* Graphics programming techniques.
+ One section for each lib
+ General programming methods (dirty rectangles, duble buffering...)
* Sound programming techniques.
+ One section for each lib
+ blah blah
* Timing
* Miscellaneous stuff

Y'know, some kinda scheme. When someone asks something, we just go to the wicky and post the reply there also, so it begins growing step by step at the same time as this forum.

Whaddaya think?

Anybody else but WC and HD to have an opinion? :roll:
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