Full Version: Merging newbie help and programming help
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Seems like this place's desert. HEEEELLOOOOoooo... ooo... ooo... *pop* Whatever. BTW, nice spanglish na_th_an. Tongue

Okay, I'm currently working on matching the style of the WIKI with the main page here. And adding some new abilities to the core engine, specifically bold and monospaced text (remember that a WIKI shouldn't use HTML for the page creation), useful for posting code and diagrams, and linking to images. Oh, and making the "admin" zone directly reachable by password, not only by IP number, to avoid connecting to phpMyAdmin if we need to delete unwanted pages. I think that's all... am I forgetting something? :-?

About the structure, don't worry, remember that the layout can be easily changed while posting new content by any authorized user.

That's one of the nice things about WIKIs... Big Grin

Check this out: http://qb45.tonez-online.com/hex/wiki/?blast=QuickBasic

WIP, implemented bold, italic and monospace(code) styles, plus the CSS almost matches the main page here.

Wanna play? The user is me and the password is password. Just be careful with the things already posted. 8)
Hey, this is very cool stuff. I hope I'll be able do this things too. Currently I'm learning PHP and later MySQL with PHP...
You're doing a great work, HD. This is the born of _THE_ QB Knowledge Base Tongue

Now lemme play a little bit with the WIKI Tongue
Thanks to some nifty work by Mr Hexadecimal Disaster we now have http://faq.qbasicnews.com.

If you want to help with the FAQ, PM me and I'll send the info.
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