Full Version: Merging newbie help and programming help
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I'm thinking of merging this forum with programming help again. As I think it probably creates more confusion than anything else. But I'll leave it up to a poll.
I prefer to have them separately. That way, a newbie posts in the newbies section and gets an answer more suited for newbies. If I reply a post in the programming help section, I use more technic explanations and go deeper. In newbies section I usually skip the hard part. That's why I like it how it is, that way I know it the person who asks is a newbie or not.
I agree with na_th_an , its much better seperate.
Ok, as it stands both forums will remain seperate. I agree with what you say, for the different forums you can use different levels of replies.
Go Na Than!

BTW, I like your MiniGame. Too bad there are only 2 levels Smile

... and 2,000 bugs !! Wink

Don't worry, I am planning to continue developing Lala when I finish my exams. It has only 2 levels 'cause I didn't have the time to complete any more levels before the compo time (only 1 week!) expired.
I was thinking also that it's not that great having them apart. The main reason you split up a forum is because there's too much traffic there. But that's certainly not the case with either programming help or newbie help. I would rather see them merged.

After all, if some n00b doesn't understand your answer, they can always say so. I usually give a practical answer first, and then a technical answer as an optional postlude.
I've got to go with Wizardlife on this one. For one thing, how do you know which catagory your post belongs in? I thought I knew a thing or two about 'basic til I started hanging out here. :lol:

I don't know what I don't know, if you know what I mean.

Well, it's good to having them separated, the problem comes when the user post things on the wrong forum... :roll:
Hi Hex; the problem is: how do you define what is a "wrong" forum?

I know what you mean, but its not that simple.

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