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Like I said,


...from Miscellaneous. Also added my LFN program."

But now some problems that cropped up:

*In code tags, it still thinks that anything with two capital letters (variables, comments, etc) is a link.

*This link comes out garbled because it has an "@" symbol:

It comes out as:
href="http://qbasicnews.com/qboho/qckadvr@l800e.shtml" target="_blank">http://qbasicnews.com/qboho/qckadvr@l800e.shtml

The WIKI is *somewhere* on my list of projects to do... I nearly succeeded in getting Hex to re-do it, but then he had problems with something to do with rel, so he didn't do it Sad. And now he's on holiday...

But, if wildcard would inform me of the *correct* FTP user+pass I could have a look at it...
FTP user+pass?

I know the actual user+pass. But what is FTP user+pass?
Not for you.

He means he wants the FTP user/pass for this site so he can fix scripts and stuff.

Oracle I could give it to you but I haven't simply because this ain't my site so I don't feel that I have the right to be giving it out. Wink
Wildcard gave it to me earlier, but it doesn't work anymore...
I sent you a PM with details and why.

P'raps we could make this a thread where people suggest new ideas for the WIKI? Anyone seen a good piece of WIKI software? Any ideas for changes to the current wiki?
[noob]What's WIKI?[/noob]
A website that anyone can change. Google it, or search these forums for Hex's take on the matter (which is more accurate with respect to our WIKI)
That seems a little...insecure.
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