Full Version: The official "Post your picture" thread.
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Yeah, Lachie made that one, but it wasn't really a picture thread.

The topic's self explanatory, so, post.
What about your's, Rockuman?
Ah, what the hell...
[Image: eh.jpg]
wheres a good geordi visor when you need one...
What point is there in being a victim of pedophiles, I asked myself. No point at all, I answered.
Hence the censorship.
I'm all natural
[Image: brad.jpg]
Wow!!!! You look exactly like the internet explorer broken image logo! Incredible...
yes, yes. striking resemblense. well, if i had a scanner that worked i'd post hear for some god awful reason. but thank goodness thats not the case.

i just saw the pic of diroga and if thats not over-doctoring a photo then i don't know what is!
it's not broken it's geocities and uhh... *pokes muscle* *POP*
Quote:I'm all natural
[Image: brad.jpg]

I never want to see that anymore in my whole life.

Don't ever post another photo on the internet again... ever.
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