Full Version: Alright, let's try this again: QB Game Remake Challenge!
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Okay, here's the mission:

-Remake a QB game that was made BEFORE the year 2001. That doesn't narrow it down too much.

It would be interesting to see people's versions of QBCookie and stuff like that. Good luck... hope anyone does this one.
Was DWII made before 2001?
Either 2002 or 2001. Both are close enough. If that was your choice, go for it... Wink
Meh, what am I talking about...I just remember the sword and arrow routines. :roll:
That was a bad response. Is there some time limit? What are the rules? etc... you need to give details =P
The trouble is, both qb45.com's and neozones.com's file archives are now empty or not working... where can I find games to remake?
http://www.hulla-balloo.com/vplanet Smile

It would be great if someone remade my good ol' Star Odds Big Grin
qbasic.com has a working games section in the downloads section.

[EDIT] After brousing through the link you supplied, na_th_an, I found a new and obsure rule for chess! Its called En Passant (the pass???). Its where you move your pawn two spaces forward on its first move and it ends up next to your opponents pawn. you opponent can then call out En Passant, and move his pawn to where your pawn would have landed had you only moved it 1 square. your opponent then removes your pawn from the board. this move is only avalible to your opponent on his first turn after you move your pawn two spaces.

0' <--oponent pawn

'1<--your pawn
moves to

moves to

moves to


Has anyone else heard of this rule before? I haven't.
Okay, here are additional details:

Time Limit: Before May 2004

...and that's pretty much it. As long as the game is identical to the original, it's good. Pffft, heck, I'll remake QBCookie as an example...
webberboy: never heard about that rule :o Anyhow, I am not a good chess player Sad
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