Full Version: Alright, let's try this again: QB Game Remake Challenge!
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You've never heard of En Passant? Heheh, guess you haven't played much chess. Big Grin J/k :wink:
My dad taught me that, when I was on my Chess spree.
Yeah I heard of it. Its a common rule in chess. Dunno why you guyz didnt know about it =P
Yeah, it's a standard chess rule. Here's another, less known about move:

The King's Karate

I was introduced to this move while playing my friend's older brother in a game of chess once. I was up a few pieces and was on my way to victory, when he suddenly made an amazing move. What at first appeared to be his resignation from the game turned out instead to be a clever employment of a rule he called "King's Karate". It goes something like this:

1. You must be playing a pick-up game against your younger sister's friend.
2. You must be clearly losing.

1. Pick up your King.
2. Knock over opponent's King with your own.
3. Declare victory.

Just thought you all should know about this oft-forgotten chess rule.


*cough* *cough*

So... anyone thinking of entering?
There's also an oft-forgotten chess rule. It was useful when I got bored of playing endless games with my dad and brother, and didn't want to finish the current game: Take your kind, and flip it upside-down. Game over.
nathan why dont you remake jill Big Grin
What I am gonna do is an update. I don't have the time for a full-time project. I'll fix the movement routine a little bit and update the maps to make it easier.
..............so do we have any entries?
mine! I'll be remaking Jill!

May I add a retrograde mode without nudity?
Quote:mine! I'll be remaking Jill!

May I add a retrograde mode without nudity?

That would make testing it out involve less ALT+TABBING. Smile
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