Full Version: Alright, let's try this again: QB Game Remake Challenge!
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Lol, agreed, PJ. :rotfl:
Hrm...can I submit my "remake"of WOS? Big Grin Its last release was in 2000 I think and now the new one will be in 2004, I'm aiming for an April 8th release...
Ah... come on you guys. The point isn't to remake your OWN game.. it's to take someone else's and make your own version.

Bah, just wait, I'll whip up a Cookie Delivery or MiniRPG remake...
In fact, PJ, this is a great idea. It's a pitty that people don't think the same. If I had the time I'd be working on something, but I don't Sad

I'ts FRUSTRATING! It's been 1 year since I coded a line for a project of mine Sad
This is a pretty good challenge idea, but I don't think people right now have the time, and those who do are mostly consumed with qbasic.tk's challenge Big Grin
na_th_an Wrote:mine! I'll be remaking Jill!

May I add a retrograde mode without nudity?

That would make testing it out involve less ALT+TABBING. Smile

I would hardly call nathan's game "adult". the nudity is scarce compared to say, adosorken's games.
Quote:I would hardly call nathan's game "adult". the nudity is scarce compared to say, adosorken's games.
AHHH *Runs away again*
Comeback to me in 5 years and i'll remake a game :wink:
Same stuff again. Many people can't take sex appart from nudity. I think it is perverted to see sex where there is not. I can't believe how people can find their own bodies grossy. And I am talking about people over 18.

When I was developing the game I showed it to some friends and everyone said "hey, nice pictures!", and nothing more.

Anyhow, I don't wanna bring this issue back once again Big Grin nor I wanna hijack PJ's post.
eh, i just like running away from things.
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