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Hey all,
I was sitting at my kitchen table doodling for a while after doing my math work, and I came out with an encryption algorythm
Here's the encrypted file: http://thegeekery.org/chlgtxt.zip (I zipped it so you could download it, instead of viewing it in your browser window).
You must write a complete, functioning program that will take the contents of the encrypted file and decrypt it, storing the decrypted data in another file.
Important note! Do not, whatever you do, post your code here! It will ruin the challenge. PM me with the code, instead.
Another note: The decrypted file will contain a message, written in English, proper spelling and grammar.
Good luck!
it it possible??? or is it likly for me to find it?
I'm placing my bets on Neo for the first one to crack it. Smile He's brilliant with that sort of thing.
If Blitz was around, he could probably do it.
I must say that, to me, it looks extremely hard to crack. But that's for the enterers to decide. :wink:
I already cracked yours via mail (the 49 byte file) Wink I PMed you at QBNZ Smile (took me 20 minutes)

Now I'm busy with this 136 byte file... Big Grin
Heheh...good luck Big Grin
Heheh...it's been 24 hours, and no entries. Big Grin
Does this mean the algo is good? Big Grin
Encryption challenge = the better mousetrap
Haven't heard that metaphor before. Explain?
Bwahaha...It's been 2 1/2 days since I first posted this...the encryption must 0wn. I mean, if Neo isn't even getting it... Tongue
either that or nobody can be assed... heh =P

I suggest if you are entering, tell Zack. That way we are all happy ;D
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