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Quote:Ah, you misread it. I just want to see if anyone can crack this. For my own ego. :wink:
I've always worn the white hat of the good guy. That is, I do the encryption so that the guys in the black hats can't get into my data. Now you want me to put on a black hat and try to figure out your encryption. Sorry, I only wear white hats. But, I do appreciate your need to have somebody do a quality control on your algorithm. I wouldn't know where to start.
Whoa whoa, I didn't mean any offense, Moneo!
*Backs off*
Sorry, sorry... :o
Zack, there's no offence taken or implied, ol buddy.
Read my previous post again. Your were answering while I was still editing.
Okay, glad that's cleared up. Big Grin
Quote:Bwahaha...It's been 2 1/2 days since I first posted this...the encryption must 0wn. I mean, if Neo isn't even getting it... Tongue
Hey Hey Hey over there! I only worked on it for 1 hour in those 2 1/2 days time!

I simply do not have time to work on it... Sad (I'm very busy with school atm...).
Ah, I see. :wink:
Well, be sure to let me know if you're getting close...take your time.
Give it another day, maybe two. I've found a pattern, but can't work on it at work.


:evil: You've found a pattern? Damn... :wink:
Really sorry to Zack, who's prolly been waiting a while. I haven't really worked on the decryption thing much in the last couple days. If anybody willing to put more time into this wants my notes so far, lemme know Jasmydae (at) hotmail.com


Take your time, take your time...Um, there's one more thing: No collaboration. I.e., Meg, no sharing of notes.
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