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With the help of many members of the qmunity, a new version of the QuickBASIC 4.5 archive is now available for download.

It contains in it (among other things) the original tutorials by the creators of QuickBASIC 4.5, and other goodies in the original package but never available for download before.

I highly recommend you re-download this package.

It's available at http://qbnz.com/pages/downloads/software, and soon at mirrors all across the net, including the Mandelbrot Dazibao, The Geekery and The Basic Network
Holy Bearded Martian-hating Rhesus Monkeys! Those are beatiful example Microsoft gives...The sorts algos are something I can really learn from. Big Grin
I must check this out when I come home! Big Grin
Just a quick note: I've slightly updated the archive to have a PC format readme (as opposed to Unix format)
Oracle, the mirror at basicnetwork isnt working =(. You have misspelt the link. It should have files.php and not file.php.

I've patched the link up by putting a file.php and redirecting to the correct page. But could you please edit the link so as to directly point it to files.php?
Fixed, sorry about that.
Oracle, I forget where now, but there was some jazz about the new archive not working...is that true? Should I update The Geekery's mirror?
Well, you had to download the geekery's mirror from me, right? Well, unzip it, if it works then don't worry about it. And you updated the readme, right?
Last-update: Readme.
Yeah. Tongue
I should add a last-update thing on that page...
Oh wait...I just remembered, I simply added the readme to the archive, zipped, and uploaded. I didn't download the whole thing again. So it works. Smile
Thanx for fixing it oracle. Zack, there isnt anything wrong with the archive i dled from qbnz.
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