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QB 1.1 - Italian, a bunch of links, and a new banner (thanks to Na_th_an!) have been added to The Geekery.
Zack, ur websites really taking shape =)
Thanks. Smile
Now all I need is users.
You need to advertise =).
Pfft, I'm not gonna SPAM, TBBQ! :lol:
Seriously, I have to try to get people on my site...I should advertise on google (yeah, right...then again...6000000 hits in the first day. Tongue )
A tip for you. More pages you have on google the higher rating you get. Also, the if you are in a webring then that lowers your rating =(
Really? I'm in one webring...Piptol's one.
[edit]No post mode specified... :x
Bad, google's bot recognises links and banner exchange URLs as link farms and simply ignores such links. The same is the case with Webrings. So all the sites in the webrings have gotten lower rating, not to mention qbasicnews, basicnetwork, qbnz, piptol's etc...
I have a feeling that this is a trick...
I don't believe I've lost google rank based on one image, it has simply been ignored when google comes to judge page rank. In fact, I think I've lost more possible rating because the title/subtitle combo are in <div>s instead of header tags, a results of some bad HTML on my part when I was designing QBNZ...
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