Full Version: New game at QBasic Turkey
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Qbasic-BlackJack has been released. You can download it from QBasic Turkey's website at: http://qbturkey.sitemynet.com/product21.htm
Um...the link still points to catapult.zip =(.
For BlackJack v1.0

a new link:


and fixed old page.. but you see this update only refresh page (F5)... Thanks all and [TheBigBasicQ] Smile

HINT: You play with $100 over bet, use double! @_@
I am not nathan!

I am TheBigBasicQ. Nathan was just my rank =( which I got fling to change. And BTW was my post deleted? or it didnt get posted at all?
Ohh Sorry, TheBigBasicQ

You are TheBigBasicQ.. And you are my partner. I will return the Qbasic network next time. Now on the my dreams Smile

I will make Tutorials, games and new techs for my site.. 8) [/quote]
Qbasic Turkey reached 6000 hits. Thanks all visitors!

Our Friendly Qbasic Page: http://qbasic.net.th

I don't remember this site. ! (VALE)
6000 visitors in how many days?
Nice 20-30 visitors / day for a amature site is very good =).
Thanks TheBigBasicQ 8)