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Quote:And please define socialism, cuz you dont seem to understand what it is, and are confusing it with communism, which is very different.

Socialism is a mix between capitalism and communism. The government owns the major industries, and heavily regulates and taxes the rest.

Quote:If the govt isnt stopping it, the govt is allowing it, and are prolly getting paid very well to do so. And it must be hard for a parent to give up one of their children in order for the rest to eat, or do you really think it's just that easy? You seem to have no human compassion whatsoever, a true capitalist pig. And i'm guesing you didnt read all the links, since some are from newspapers.

1. I read all of them, including the one from ABC.

2. The governments their are getting taxes from the businesses, but that is entirely irrelevant (why did you even bring that up...?).

3. Yes, it must be hard for parents to make their kids work every day to live, but it must be even harder watch them die because the jobs they used to work at are now gone.
Good, no one is replying right now. I need to go work on my programming. I will check back here a bit later.
Quote:The governments their are getting taxes from the businesses, but that is entirely irrelevant (why did you even bring that up...?).
You must be really naive. Ever heard of bribes?

Quote: Yes, it must be hard for parents to make their kids work every day to live, but it must be even harder watch them die because the jobs they used to work at are now gone.
How is this different from what US workers are going thru? Are their children worth less? They may not exactly be dying from hunger (altho who knows, I will find out) but I am sure life must be exceedingly difficult for a mother or father to choose between spending the money on food or spending it on kerosene for heat.

(btw, noone was holding you down here in the first place)
Quote:Have you noticed that all of the dirt poor countires are are socialist? You couldn't name one that isn't. And have you noticed how all of the rich countries are capitalist? And have you noticed that all of the countries with huge economic troubles (and ready to tank, like Germany), are increasing the governments presence in the market? Socialism doesn't work, and doesn't help economies. Capitalism has made us the richest country in the world, with possible the lowest unemployment in the world (5.8%, which is high for us right now). It is also helping China, who is finally easing restrictions on capitalism.

NZ is a capatalist country, yet out employment is at 4.6%, the highest for two years. Our corruption index is third best in the world (9.5, behind I think Finland and Sweden at 9.7). Yet we can't get a trade deal from the US, because we stood up for what we believed in as a country. You should have heard the US ambassador to NZ in his speech to Victoria University students, practically chiding us because we didn't help. Now, how in hell are we supposed to get a trade deal? By giving in to the US? Why can't we get one for having a good economy, good track record in economic terms, and products you guys want?

Anyway, how is the US economy supported these days? China buys US Treasury bonds. See the irony?
No, I don't.

Everyone is buying treasury bonds from the US.
A sign of you weak economy if everyone is buying them. The main buyers these days are China and Japan.
Bond buying is not a sign of a weak economy. It simply means that the US government has a deficit.

The strength of the economy in the US is itself a subject that has to be carefully analyzed for years before a conclusion can be reached.

For instance, here is a question: why is there no inflation for many goods and services in the US?? (there IS incredibly high inflation in various unique items though, such as university costs and housing costs, which are themselves separate subjects)
A defict will lead to trouble for you guys... NZ is paying off debt at record rates, and you guys are just piling it on with your wars that will have little benefit for your people... hydrogen hybrid cars are now available for buying, even in NZ, and if oil companies started harvesting hydrogen instead of oil the world could change for the better.
Quote:And now that's fun. You are talking about stability issues in South America. Well, let's try to make some history. Who put Noriega in Nicaragua? Who helped Pinochet to begin the dictatorship in Chile in 1973? Who aids the SPARCs and the ultra-right-wing guerrillas in Colombia? Now talk about mid-west, who helped the Talibans to reach to the power? Who propicied the IRAQ-IRAN war in the eighties? Who sold weapons to Saddam Hussein for that war? Who trained Usama Ben Laden?, I can follow... what was the sense of Vietnam? Why did more than 1,000,000 of innocent people die in that war?

All that lack of stability has been produced by YOUR COUNTRY!

That's not quite true, you know: Vietnam and Afghanistan was a military confontation between Soviets and everyone else. Even in Vietnam, Russians provided logistics and weapons to the enemy of the US, and other things too. It was a call that was made between dictatorship and the spread of Communism.

1.- You didn't argue about the USA having caused all that lack of stability in South America and the Middle East. So you agree. nice.

2.- Okay, you were fighting the soviets, but you were selling that war as a liberation of Vietnam. That was a lie. Like on Iraq.

3.- Your efforts against the spread of Communism were just 'cause the more communist countries, the less money you got. It was just an economic war (like *every* war), not something idealistic against opression or dictatorship.

Therefore what I said was right.

War supporters have stated that the war was OK 'cause it prevented Iraq to nuke the rest of the world with its mass destruction weapons. You know, the country with the biggest amount of mass destruction weapons is the U.S.A.. In 1984, I recall that people here were actually frightened about your country and the U.S.S.R. continuosly attempting to press the red button. Everytime I saw news on TV about U.S.A. vs the U.S.S.R. I felt a shiver. You got the world in your hands.
The US government will tell any lie they think their public wants to hear. Anyone with a shred of intelligence knows this. Unfortunately, since the VAST majority of the US is INSANELY STUPID ON THESE MATTERS, the government gets to get away with whatever they want. The US could, at this very moment, obliterate most any country in this world, and wouldn't give a damn about "why". But why don't they? Simple...unless they're attacking all the countries which could easily form a retaliation or even punch a hole in the US's border defenses, the US would lose at least 5% of its inhabited land. This is especially true right now, with the majority of the world's opinions swayed AGAINST the US.

The US is the most dangerous terrorist country in the history of the world. Btw oracle...the US is in a tremendous deficit, several trillions of US dollars, which it never intends to get itself out of. It's pathetic.
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