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Na_th_an, you appear to be blind to my point about the Communist threat.

adosorken, you're confusing Vietnam with Korea...
'cause I don't see a communist threat. That was just the propaganda in the Cold War. I don't give a shit if France goes communist or whatever. Anyhow, you have ruined so many countries 'cause of the so called "communist threat". In Chile, for example. Salvador Allende won the elections. He leaded the Socialist Party. The U.S.A. didn't like that so they backed Augusto Pinochet. That general took over its own country, and killed lots of people during his dictatorship. Pinochet was like Saddam, but in Chile. The difference is that Pinochet was put there by the U.S.A., and Saddam not.

My point is that you try to give a legitimate reason to the Iraq War: "we started a war to eliminate the dictator in order to give freedom to the iraqui people". But some years before you did exactly the contrary. That's why I laugh at your reasons.

And the most funny thing is that this war has been justified in rather different ways during time.

We have a communist party in Spain. If this party would win the elections next time, would you invade our country as well to cease the "communist threat"? I think you are living is some kind of "Dan Dare" comic.
Your communist party is nothing but a joke. The Soviet Union Communist part (ie: the only party) is anything but a joke.

I can't force you to understand the seriousness of Soviet Union ruling the world. You're entitled to believe it was all just propaganda, but it's not an accurate assesment.

EDIT: I don't know enough about South America's history to say that the dictatorships were worth it, so I can't comment on that too much. Maybe the Communist threat wasn't as big in some of those countries as it appeared to be. What I'm talking about is Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea, etc.
I didn't read the last two pages of this, because the babble and crap I've read was enough on pages 4 and half of 5.

Let's get back to the basics.

6 entries found for socialism.
so·cial·ism ( P ) Pronunciation Key (ssh-lzm)
Any of various theories or systems of social organization in which the means of producing and distributing goods is owned collectively or by a centralized government that often plans and controls the economy.
The stage in Marxist-Leninist theory intermediate between capitalism and communism, in which collective ownership of the economy under the dictatorship of the proletariat has not yet been successfully achieved.
3 entries found for capitalism.
cap·i·tal·ism ( P ) Pronunciation Key (kp-tl-zm)
An economic system in which the means of production and distribution are privately or corporately owned and development is proportionate to the accumulation and reinvestment of profits gained in a free market.

Just thought I'd clarify that, some people seem to have a misconception about them, or the I guess common misconception that socialism is the same as communism.

Someone mentioned what seems to be Class-A bullshit. USA has the lowest unemployment in the world?


Did you know, in the UAE there is zero unemployment. There cannot be unemployment. Do you even know the definition of unemployment? Check your facts before pulling stuff out of your ass.

Thats the problem with people studying globalised theory in America. It's so American centered, that it makes you blind. Granted, I learn economics from a British POV, but we study the world economy.

I'd like to clarify a few things about the current stante of the United States of Aggression's economy. The Balance Of Payments defecit a while back was 5% of the USA's GDP, Gross Domestic Product if your a nitwit. That's a fair bit, wouldn't you say? UK has maybe 0.1%? But a lot less. China also has a much much much muhc much much smaller one. It is predicted that within the next 25 years, the top two economies in the world will be India and China. America has increasing unemployment, due to your magical
capitalism. All about cutting costs.

Isn't it funny, that for years the USians have complained that "Oh no, illegal immigrants are taking my job, taking my living space, taking my benefits, taking my position in society" and the government is complaining about this, then someone here says it's good that we are offering people jobs in other countries?

PlayGGY, you are being ignorant. Rhiannon, adosorken and na_th_an aren't addressing other parts of your posts because I think they have been answered about three times. You are getting unnecessarily aggrivated when in fact you are incorrect, even when faced with legitimate sources, many people trying to explain it to you properly, and instead of accepting it and trying to become a smarter person, you've dug yourself in a rather deep and dirty hole.

There's a lot I've got to say, but I'll let it go. It's not worth it. Maybe if I read the pages I haven't yet read, then I might post something substantial, but nah. adosorken and Rhia, you guys are better than this. Don't bother.

[Proud of you ado, kept your cool there Big Grin]

I just thought I'd add something.
I am an Indian. I know what happens in third world countries. My dad is a partner in a multinational firm, with production in third world countries. He has to. Unfortunately, everyone else does, so think about it. His factories are fair, and the people get paid a decent wage. I've visited his competitors factories. Maybe you should get out of your superficial suburbs, wake up and smell the world. Drive down to the "bad" areas in the city, that's what the world is really like.
Quote:I can't force you to understand the seriousness of Soviet Union ruling the world. You're entitled to believe it was all just propaganda, but it's not an accurate assesment.
So my guess is you just find it better the US rule the world instead?

What's so bad about communism? And I don't talk about the wannabe communist countries being ruled by dictators, I'm talking about the idea behind communism.

That everyone is equal, and everyone share. Sadly, over time, this has been destroyed by other "communists" such as the Soviet one. The Soviet communisn in itslf wasn't that bad (it wasnt good either) it was the fact that the US didn't like Soviet that made communism "bad". Effectively rendering Russia a bad country, making it very hard for Russia to actually do anything (trade agreements aso) with US supporting/supported countries.

As soon as a country steps on another countries affairs it can only go bad, there is not a single event in history where a country has unwantedly invaded on another country (I'm not talking about war here) and the outcome has been good.

The US invades Afghanistan to find/kill a single man.
The US invades Iraq because Iraq has WMD.

What about Palestina, they have WMP capabilities. Why isn't the US invading them?, could it be because it's a jewish state and there is a large % of jews in the US voting?
Zire, what's so bad about communism?

What's so bad about communism?

What's so bad about communism?

That's it!

*stabs everyone in this thread*
AFAIK the communism idea is basically
that everything is owned by the people,
and everybody gets their share.

So far everything is nice, and I can't see anything wrong with this...

BUT: No perfect system can be based on humans, since humans (in that way) are imperfect

This is my point of view.

And for death penalty I say no, for reasons already discussed.
Quote:Zire, what's so bad about communism?

What's so bad about communism?

What's so bad about communism?

That's it!

*stabs everyone in this thread*
Nice response Aga, real nice. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside, as it shows that we (the people arguing against you, or not agreeing with you) are right.
Yes, the idea is that everything is owned by the people, and it's a great, very Utopian idea, but when applied it screw up royally.
you write shitloads and people dont even respond...ten

The thing you fail to see, is that the government is run by people, and in this case, rather more imperfect humans.

And some people have a dire need to relax. We are having a discussion here, not a "stabbing match" or a flaming contest. Trust me, with me and other people included, thats the last thing you want to start.
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