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Aga, the problem here goes back to an earlier discussion we had. You see, despite your adamant declarations to the contrary, communism is very much just an economic system. Everything is put into commons, and people take what they need.

When stalin was going around with all his show trials, that wasn't an essential aspect of communism at work, that was a fascist in control of a communist country doing horrible things.

A communist country run by pure democracy a la switzerland would be a very interesting place, and I'd watch how such a country developed and ran(seeing as democracy is the most compatible with communism, and the least compatible with capitalism, when you really think about it -- both democracy and communism try to bring power to everyone).

According to you though, the only way communism works is with a ruthless tyrant in control which seems to me contrary to the fundamental ideas upon which communism was created.
Quote:Oracle, don't be an idiot. New Zealand is a completely different country than the US. You can't compare the deficit of the US vs. the deficit of New Zealand.

How many countries do you know that have completely released their currency control to New Zealand's currency?

That's a stupid statement and you know it. Of course nobody will change to our currency, we're too small. That's like asking whether the best US baseball team will submit to the NZ team: no you won't, cos you've got too much money.

But you can compare the two countries. We're a democracy. We're a "new" country (in terms of age). We may not have a "president" but we do have the english form of government (which we're slowly moving away from, towards becoming a republic, and thus just like the US). The differences are: We're not fighting a war, we're a left wing govt currently (pays off debt, lowers unemployment, at the expense of business investment), and we respect all races (have you heard of the Treaty of Waitangi?). Unlike in america: you're fighting a war, have a right wing govt (expand business at all costs and increase debt because you know you'll lose the next election anyway and the next govt can pay for it), and you stomp all over the wrong minorities. I can't believe the KKK can be permitted to exist but blacks are still discriminated against. Surely your constitution, although permitting the KKKs existance, surely forbids the sort of discrimination against black people?

In short, the US has problems that it should be sorting out by itself before stomping on other countries. In particular, the US was on a list of countries that had more than 100 slaves estimated working in slavery - that's not an achievement to be proud of. NZ isn't on the list. I wonder why...
Quote:Your communist party is nothing but a joke.

First, it is not mine. Second, it is the third force in my country. That means that 10% of people voted for it in the last elections. Basicly, you are telling that 10% of Spanish people are a joke, that makes almost 4 millions of people.

You and others like you live full of fear and hates that are just a bulk of nonsense. Evolve, people, just evolve.

You still live in the far west. Things have changed in the rest of the world, but it seems that in the U.S.A. everything is like it was one century and a half ago.
Until the year 2000, I was a hardcore patriot. This was before my eyes were opened to the harsh reality that is simply this: the USA is the most corrupt, deceitful, hateful country in the world. But the truly scary part is the fact that nothing can be done about it. GWB stole the presidency, and now our country is looked at as the world's biggest failure. Four years ago, I would have fought tooth and nail against anyone who would utter such "blasphemies". Unfortunately, it's all too true. In addition, my research over the last few days has turned up some horrible horrible intentions of the US government. For example...Iraq, as most people know, was planned long before 9/11. What most people DON'T know is "why". Apparently, the US government has this nice little plan drawn up to slowly infiltrate and influence the entirety of the Middle East. Iraq has the second largest oil and gas reserve on the planet, second to Saudi Arabia, who we've already infiltrated. An educated person will say "why not go to Venezuela, who has the fourth largest reserve in the world?". Simple...Venezuela privatized their oil and isn't a sucker country, so the US ignores them...for now. So, back to Iraq, the country that just needs to be owned so we can establish a strong Middle Eastern presence. With the US in control of Iraq, we would have control over the greatest oil reserves in the world, since Saudi Arabia is already in our back pocket. But it won't stop there. The reason Afghanistan was never rebuilt was because the US used Afghanistan as a stepping stone to Iraq. So what if Muslim fundamentalists swarm into the country and start running the place worse than the Taliban ever did? As long as we have an excuse to go to Iraq. 9/11 was a nice excuse to put this plan into action. A little research turns up some interesting laws that were never put into effect that day...for example, the law that says that if any commercial airliner goes too far outside of its intended flight path, the military are required by law to scramble and investigate the reason why. 9/11 happened over the course of a few hours, and not a single scramble took place. GWB was informed of the events unfolding by an aide, and he just sat there, reading a book to children, as if nothing was happening. Top US officials said nothing and gave no orders. In the past year before the 9/11 tragedy, over 60 such scrambles had taken place, many within a few minutes. But two hours? And NOTHING? The US government used 9/11 to begin a war. And considering all the warnings they got over the TWO YEARS BEFORE IT HAPPENED, they could have easily avoided it. But it made an excellent martyrdom operation. Before you know it, we're at war with a group of people that never even admitted to doing it.

And there's more. Much more. Do you know why the US backs Israel? Religion. You heard it...religion. The US believes that it is the "holy force" written in the Bible that will "protect Israel from the infidels". With Israel in our back pocket, that puts us one step closer to controlling the Middle East. Do you know why Syria was removed from the US's "Dangerous Country" list, when they have some of the most infamous terrorists in the world? Because they agreed with us in going to war. Another country in our back pocket. Do you see where this is going? Do you remember Bush's "either you're with us or you're against us" BS? The plan is to root out those who oppose the US, one country at a time. Leave them in shambles, like Afghanistan is right now (this is after a six year war with Russia...oops, I guess that didn't make the news, now did it?).

This plan to dominate the middle east has been going on since Reagan's presidency. Clinton's presidency interrupted it, because obviously, he was a democrat, and his few military operations were very small and very quiet. He loved peace like we do. Too bad all the morons in the US were more interested in his sex life rather than seeing all the good things he did for this country. However, in an interesting turn of events...how many people know that GWB is only president because of the Supreme Court and that bonehead brother Jeb of his in Florida? Or about the illegal miscount of votes? Or the attempted Republican signing of almost 10000 absentee ballots (they were eventually thrown away because they had no ID numbers on them, thus were illegal)? Gore won the presidency by 400000 popular votes. In such a race, the House Of Representatives is REQUIRED BY THE CONSTITUTION TO DETERMINE THE PRESIDENT. So...why didn't they?

There's so much to this crap, I've not even scraped the surface. All the information's out there though, people. We've had the four worst years we've had since the inception of the USA. And it doesn't look like it's going to improve any, either. Not until we get a Democrat back in the White House. GWB isn't smart enough to have pulled off such a coup de grace, everyone knows he's a puppet and someone else pulls his strings. Good old Donald R is one of those puppetmasters. The only way we're going to dispose of GWB and his warmongering is by beating his ass hands-down in the next election. It needs to be a landslide, or else he will use the same deception he used this time to steal the Presidency. Many people now are left wondering if their vote means anything, and many believe it does not. However, if enough people vote the RIGHT way, we can get rid of this asscracker.

I'm hoping the American public, as well as the Democrats, all get their balls back and stop fearing the bullying Republicans. We're supposed to be a peaceful nation...BAHAHAHAHAHA! Not under Republican rule, we're not. Not even close. I'd take the socialist Bernard Sanders over GWB for President. At least then I know we'd have a true visionary in office, not some puppet ex-cocaine-addicted raging alcohollic redneck who thinks that Mexico is in South America and can successfully piss off four billion people in the course of one week. :evil:

EDIT: Oh yeah, I remembered the meat of the reason I wanted to respond...

#1: Aga, neither war ended. However, I was referring to Vietnam...much of my family was and is involved in it.

#2: If Gee Whiz Bushwhacker gets elected a second term, my ass is moving to NZ. Tongue
What a pile of truths, Dave. The bad thing is that these people are blind on purpose.

And don't worry about Venezuela. When bussiness on mid east is finished they'll use some hispanic assault in Texas to begin another fancy movie and take over the whole South America as well.

Be smart and don't vote Republicans, for the world's sake. Please.
Unfortunately, Puerto Rico, while part of the USA, is not allowed to participate in presidential elections. Neither is Guam. Hawaii, generally accepted as the rogue state and known to want to seperate from the US (can't say I blame them, really), is allowed to participate in the elections. Which reminds me...notice any simlarities between 9/11 and Pearl Harbor? Striking...in both cases, disaster could have been completely avoided, and in both cases, the events were used to go to war. Funny that. :evil:
Yeah, my friends and I, TV shows, newspapers, radio, almost everyone in Spain talks about that coincidence. Plus all the hazards that aligned in both situations. As we always say, the first plane was a complete failure for the defence system, but the second one is just unbelievable.
There are too many inaccuracies and outright lies here for me to reply before stabbing you all again.
Yeah, I am stabbed now. You convinced me. Now I love GB.


[Image: usa.jpg]


[Image: 0,1020,147178,00.jpg]
Quote:There are too many inaccuracies and outright lies here for me to reply before stabbing you all again.
How can anyone argue with that? You are right Aga, we all are dumb, 3/4th's of the world hate the US because they are dumb.. way to go.. and you say you are not spoonfeed propaganda? OoooooK then.

Also, your arguing technique is very similar to that of the US iteself:
Aga: I'll stab you, because I'm right and you're wrong.
The US: We'll bomb you, cause we don't like you or your values.

na_th_an: Good bless the Atom bomb, without it.. Err... wait?... Without it... er, I really can't think of anything negative about not having nukes.

NEW PROOF OF TERRORIST ACT: Over 500'000 people dead. Wanna know where and who? Where Japan, who? The US.

NEW PROOF OF TERRORIST ACT: Over 200'000 people dead. Wanna know where and who? Where Iraq, who? Iraq.

So... when are we gonna hunt down the people responsible for the Terror of Nagasaki and Hiroshima? :roll: or they don't count? Ohh sorry I forgot, that was THE US and THE God Blessed Al-Mighty US don't do terrorist actions, they help people.. help people get rid of their home, country and basic human needs that is. "But Japan attacked us first" you might say, ok then, the bombing of 2 civilian cities is clearly justified by that. But what about Saddam, when did he attack the US? Did I miss something?

Nostalgic fact about the Afgan war: When the US allowed food and supplies to be dropped in by international aid organizations. They only allowed the supplies to be dropped in a part of afghanistan which was... MINED! that's right, good move... "Here's some food for ya" [Kaboom], Niiiiiice. The US defended itself with: "If you drop it anywhere else the terrorists might get a hold of it"...Ohh... why not just drop it in the ocean?, Or just burn it before putting it on the airplanes, saves fuel and time.

"America America [...]" [Feel free to join in on the natinal hymn, come on people, we all love the US.. right?... riiight?
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