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Quote:That's the same reason I was pissed off when nathan's "Jill" was classed as a "guilty pleasure" because it had artful and very tasteful nudity. There was nothing raunchy or pornographic about it.

Did you see my The Edge column in the latest qbxl3? I feel the exact same way.

'Course, I also got called immoral and amoral for my horrendous defense of the ideal that nobody should be attacked simply for saying a word, that political correctness and this built in prudishness is counter to the idea of growing up, leaving us as a society of children which is destroying us from the inside out...but meh... That's a topic for the next issue. Smile
If there's one thing I can't stand about the USA, it's the demonization of sex. It's a crippling factor, imo. One of the reasons I started up the Digital Satin Productions label was to contribute my own crack in the foundation of this "moral" mess. I can't stand the idiocy that people show for anything of a sexual nature. I hate living in a country where what is natural is shunned like a plague. "If you don't like it, then leave" doesn't solve the problem. "If you don't like it, don't just talk about it, do something about it" is what I did. Big Grin

SJ, you're neither immoral nor amoral, you're simply not stupid, and that threatens people who would cling tightly to their own "moral values" which mean jack shyte in reality. I think that that whole thing over one word was a typical "I'm afraid of the big bad revolutionary" syndrome.

So in conclusion, let me offer this one blatant truth that everyone should know by now:


And words are just words. It's not the words that are said, it's the intentions behind those words. Anyone who can't figure that out by now is just plain stupid and a written-off moron.

Yeah...I got strong words for all you self-censors. Tongue

What's this? some kind of neverending loop? Big Grin

Btw, Clarita's upcoming game has to do with the matter of sex being a natural thing. Nek, count me in for the endeavour!
I was wondering what was up with Clarita's new game, since we hadn't heard anything new about it in quite some time now, not since November...
It's going quite well. She's set up a wip page. Look at Qbasic.tk in the news section, there is a thread with a link to it and news.
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