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I would like to know how to come up with ideas for games.
Almost all of my programs are based on office needs and such.
( I say almost, just incase I may have forgotten about something.)
Are these just ideas that come to mind, or ideas from other games, or ...?
I get my ideas from seeing needs in the work place or from an individual. In one case, a teacher. Hers was a problem of students (or someone else) eliminating and/or changing files on her classroom computer so I wrote a security program for her that involved two passwords.
The problem stoped the following day. Big Grin
But enough of that, I was just wanting to know how to get some ideas for games.
Any and all help would be appreciated.
Thanks! Big Grin
For me ideas just pop up all of a sudden. Most of the time right before I fall asleep. I just write down the idea and program later. Well, thats if I dont think that the idea was insane. =P
I often get ideas from dreams. Smile Excellent source of new material.
I get ideas (mainly solutions to the intense buggery of idiotic logic problems) from staring at my stomach.
@Zack: :o Yea... I guess that works too. *Thinks about it... Stares at stomach... walks to kitchen...* Aha! I will make a game about some hungry kid :roll:
Pac-Man was invented when a buncha Japanese guys were sitting around a pizza and someone took a slice. And that's no fib either. Big Grin
Hold it... You're joking... ((Looks it up))) eh looky what i found

[Image: 3_1.jpg]
'tennis for two', 1958
world's first videogame

oh and
[Image: 4_4.gif]


I'm kind of like whitetiger, ideas pop into my head randomly (hey i just got a great idea for a game... *starts planing and forgets about dadsherm's question :wink: *). After they pop into my head i just build on it mentally until the story line (if it's a RPG or something like that), or the game play is clear in my head. Then plan on paper and so on from there. There's many other ways to get ideas like maybe make a improvement on a existing game, like a pong game and make it 3d instead of 2d. That's pretty much all I have to say in this post.

BTW If that pong idea hasn't been done anyone can take it Big Grin .
It's been done. :wink:
And don't you think it's a tad difficult to tell someone that in order to get ideas, they need to pop into your head? :wink:
*Comes out of weird mode from writing a C program named prog.c that #includes prog.c *


Zack: Yes they have to pop or EXPLODE!!! in your head :wink: . Dadsherm if you need a idea I can think up one (don't worry about stealing if you thinking that i need to get all those ideas out of my head, because all that poping in my head is starting to hurt :wink: ).
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