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Another one of microsoft's marketing and advertising strategy has kicked in a few weeks ago(dunno exactly when). But they have just launched a campaign against Linux servers saying that Opensource software actually costs more in the long run than their overly priced substandard, insecure servers. They call it the "Get the facts" campaign.

But unfortunately all I could find on their website was this :

Anyone have more info on it?

I have seen their ads in magazines and such stuff.

Is M$ finally feeling the heat? :rotfl:
Don't think thats true. Could be wrong.

Two or three days ago, Microsoft went into battle with Lindows saying it is using the Windows name changed to attract more people. Lindows said that Windows is a very generic name.
A marketing campaign. What else? Every company does it.
I like how they distort the truth and use ambiguous wording. Why dont they try to do some testing against BSD, the ultimate server OS. I will get a good laugh out of those results. (And i like how they only tested against 2 linux OSes. Dont they know how many distros are out there?)
The part which cracked me up was...its more cost efficient than Opensource software =P. i mean something cheaper than FREE? Are they paying me or something for buying their software =S???
about that lindows thing. i agree with Microsoft. "Window" is a noun, a word. thats generic. "Lindow" is not a noun, not a word, therefore, how can it be generic. whoever came up with the name "Lindows" was obviously just changing the Windows name to attract customers. its not even that great of an OS...
I hope you people never run my business. Advertising exists soley to distort the truth. But they aren't lying. Microsoft provides things like maintenance and tech support, and they're easier to set up and get started with. Now, that's just how one report tallied up costs, and the truth is is that Linux is very much a low-cost affordable solution, but they aren't lying, they're presenting their side. And even if they are lying, who cares? Nikes don't make you play basketball better, Hanes don't make you sexier. Do you want them to make a bunch of ads saying Linux is "better"? What kind of retarded business strategy is that?
1) YOu guys are getting the whole Lindows vs Windows trial wrong!!!!!! yes window is generic which is what Lindows is going for on their defense. Microsoft trademarked the name Window or Windows which gives them full rights to the name windows therefore whoever in whatever type of business has to go through them to even be able to use the noun Wndow(s). Lindows was not named lindows to attract popularity by making people think that they were ripping off Microsoft it was called that to help the transition of windows users over to a linux desktop environment and to my knowlage they are doing a very good job of it. If you go to lindows.com go to click-n-run warehouse and search for any linux software you want. You can even get comercial software in there for lower prices than in normal cases.
2) the thing with microsoft saying linux costs more in the long run has been said several months ago maybe a year now.
3) Microsoft was saying this about all linux distributions just not the two they may have tested. they think that even though linux is free, in a business environment you would have to have more people maintain them which is not really true but they will say it anyways.
If you believe them, you should pay 11-22% less for all the hassles/security woes of the Microsoft product... now I think that many businesses should be reminded that security comes first on the web...

And mikedoise, don't let me catch you spamming lindows again. The first part of your first point of your post was fine, but this:

Quote:If you go to lindows.com go to click-n-run warehouse and search for any linux software you want. You can even get comercial software in there for lower prices than in normal cases.

Is just spam. It sounds to me like you're advertising a warez site for goodness sake! You might do yourself good to search these forums for the forum rules, and brush up on them.
You should really get your head out of your arse and wake up and notice that that not spam Since I am a Lindows Consultant/Builder/Reseller I feel it is a job of mine to educate the public on the offers they give and you should not be an admin if your going to say what is and what is not spam that makes a forum unattractive and less fun to be in if you restrict threads and posts look at qb45.com do you think we restrict anything???? NO because a forum is a place to just talk and express ideas spam is supposed to be about going on about pointless crap well guess what this is not pointless so therefore it is not spam.
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