Full Version: Everyone's doing it so, what the heck: Decryption challenge
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:-P I took a break from my other project to make an encryptor and a decryptor to go with it. So, see if you can decrypt this: http://www.geocities.com/atom_ant101/GOODLUCK.TXT

Have fun! This is my first try at encryption, so it's probably easy to crack.
Come on! Almost 20 views and no replies. At least tell me if it's strong or weak so I'll know whether or not to keep it.
Quote:``I just came up with this neat method of encryption. Here's some
ciphertext: FHDSIJOYW^&%$*#@OGBUJHKFSYUIRE. Is it strong?'' Without a
doubt questions like this are the most annoying traffic on sci.crypt.

If you have come up with an encryption scheme, providing some
ciphertext from it is not adequate. Nobody has ever been impressed by
random gibberish. Any new algorithm should be secure even if the
opponent knows the full algorithm (including how any message key is
distributed) and only the private key is kept secret. There are some
systematic and unsystematic ways to take reasonably long ciphertexts
and decrypt them even without prior knowledge of the algorithm, but
this is a time-consuming and possibly fruitless exercise which most
sci.crypt readers won't bother with.

Thats a quote on Net Etiquette for the google sci.crypt group
This wasn't here to impress anyone, this was here as a challenge. That's why I just gave random gibberish. If I were here to impress someone then I would be the one decrypting them.
Thats a direct quote so thats not my true way of thinking.

But you did just post a bunch of gibberish and you wanted to know how strong it is. I posted the quote to show you why this is just spam.

You can of course post the way the it encrypts and ask people how safe they think it is. Trying to decrypt a few lines of text with no other information is pointless.

Hence why no one posted.
Most encryptions can just be brute-forced, anyways.
you know i have alot of time on my hands but i havent cracked your code yet but i definately see a pattern emerging between - and + numbers
Like already stated.

It's unbreakable without having the source. And or encrypter without source.

The decrypted message you get from the string can be anything, you can come up with:
I am a hippo

The sun is shining

Eskomies live in cold places

Depending on how you decrypt it, you have no idea if you got the right one.

This is also how Julian encryptions work... giving you a different "valid" decrypted string depending on the password you give it. And you break it by checking for repetitions, which can be non-existant.
OMG this is like 10 months old! LEAVE IT!