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I know that I am new here, but believe, or not, I had seen much. I had seen that nowadays everybody programs under QB using libraries, and libraries, and other libraries, or assembly ect. I think this is not really QBasic...

So here is the challenge: Write a 100% QB code game! You can only use the default library (qb.qlb), and FFIX if needed.

(Believe or not, mouse is possible under QB, I just wrote one. No assembly, no extra libraries, just only qb.qlb!)

To make the project harder - do the game as fast as possible! I will program mine on a 33MHz 4.86! Smile

The winner will be the best game of course. You do not have to do it on 33MHz, but I think a real QB game should work on all machines over 100Mhz...
Using the mouse is possible without using any routines in QB.QLB...
this count?

(change the path IN the game file, near the begining, defualted to a:\nmaze)
When does this expire? Because I'm working on a game, Operation Pong...an RPG. No libs, not even the standard QB lib.
Quote:Using the mouse is possible without using any routines in QB.QLB...

I saw that on neobasic. :*) LOL



This competition never ends Smile

For example my game may be ready only to the end of summer... It needs many work. Of course I will put up demos here sooner if I can.

Now I am writing from school, so I can't wiev anything. And my computer's keyboard is gone :-? (Why am I triing to fix it myself?? Smile )
I must fix it, I can not buy a new one... It will take a while...

I was so upset because of that mouse routines because as I looked around, and searched for it, I could not find any pure QB routines. All of them worked with Assembly + the basic library! I can't guess why is this needed...

I think the basic library can be used... Otherwise we should put up here how to handle the interrupts without it. Of course handling interrupts does not mean writing an interrupt handler for example in C, and then using it in QB. Only use the interrupts what can be found on an usual DOS system (What can be found in Ralph Brown's Interrupt List).

Paths: You can use relative paths. You do not need to tell OPEN to use the file at "a:\hiscore.dat", it is just enough to say "hiscore.dat", and it will open if it executes in the directory where the file is. (This is why the program usually can't find it's files from the IDE. You should copy QB.EXE in the directory where you are developing, so the program will find them)

Of course that the competition never ends does not mean that there won't be any winner. We should rate the games, and make the results monthly (Did you understand what I told - My English is horrible, and I have no dictionary... :-? ).
Diroga, WhiteTiger0990, Relsoft: Now I downloaded your programs. I will test them on my 4.86 soon.
Relsoft: Bubble Fight's technique is very good! It made 14-16 FPS on my 33Mhz computer Smile

Why are you all giving programs from the 1 hour competition here?? This is not a time race, let's make some real quality stuff.

I will put up somewhere the sprite editor what I will use to create my game soon...

I will use GET and PUT intensively on the 640*350 screen. Of course I will change the palette too to get nice colors (I know how to do it on SCREEN 9). And I am doing this all on the 33Mhz 4.86 Smile.
Where is that pureqb mouse routine, Plasma? I can't find it anywhere...
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