Full Version: Zero-G Download Available
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Zero G has been released by syn9. It is a 3D-Racing game like Wipeout. Requires QB.exe


News submitted by syn9
This is a very cool game! Smile
You oughtta make a ZeroG II, right now, with ugl, so I can run it in full speed Wink

Thanks for this peice of quality, oh mighty syn9 Wink
I hope you don't mind if I tell everyone i know with the news ticker on my webpage.... 8)
dank Tongue

so is this a final release vplanet can review?
I hope not, 'cuz it need polish. This game has potential. (and yeah, WipeOut is one of my all-time favorites)
Darn!!! The DL at neozones(with EXE) is corrupted!!!! syn9....?
thanks guys!

i am working on a sequal to this game, heres a screen of the most recent test engine::

[Image: zg2sht6.jpg]

featuring light sources on textures and smooth curved objects with guraud shading >D
W*O*W :o
Not bad man, not bad.
This game will rock...
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