Full Version: NeoLib v1.6b has been released!
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NeoLib v1.6 Beta has been released.

NeoLib is a QuickBasic Library featuring 203 useful routines in 15 modules. It contains routines utilizing EMS, EMS Layers, Drawing, Mouse, Keyboard, Joystick, Sprite, Font, General, Virtual XMS, Long Filenames, DOS, Palette, CDROM and Image Handling.

It also comes with a large manual (174 kB) describing everything you need to use the Library, including routine reference and examples.

There are currently two mirrors available on the internet to download NeoLib v1.6b:

Mirror 1: http://www.qbnz.com/pages/uploads/upload/NeoLib16.zip
Mirror 2: http://www25.brinkster.com/harsoftware/neolib16.htm

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I'm last on your greets list?!? That's OUTRAGEOUS!

I know you won't like this but it's really inconvinient for me to test a library. So I won't be able to comment it. Sorry.
i feel... so.... invisable...
*runs into wall*

Oh and you forget poor little old me =P
Oh2 and I am also at an inconvience... later!
How the hell did that end up approved on the news forum? Sorry, but I'm going to be "trimming" that post quite a bit when I get back from class. (BTW: You didn't even spell my name right....)
I don't know who approved it like that either, but I've now edited the post to conform to the proper news style.

BTW, great work Neo. Smile

- Dav
Sounds great Neo and I will try it out when I get Qbasic to run on my new WinXP computer....from Hell :wink:
QBasic and QB run without problems in Windows XP. Are you experiencing problems?

Btw, Neo, great lib Smile
It was I who approved it, and I am sorry if I did not pm an admin. Will watch for that formatting more often I guess. I didn't know it wasn't allowed, but it makes sense (considering it shows up on the front page).
No prob Sumo Smile

Make sure that links have the [url][/url] around them. Or else they won't work on the main page.

- Dav
Quote:No prob Sumo Smile

Make sure that links have the [url][/url] around them. Or else they won't work on the main page.

- Dav

I will do. This is my first one, spiderwoman :wink: beat me last time.
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