Full Version: Can we make compaints about down time to other sites here ?
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You can guess what I'm on about here Tongue

Check your ICQ wildcard theres a link there. Sorry no email address, could I get a hybd one if it comes with webmail ?
can i make a complaint about double-posting? :wink:

hey, do you think i could get you, mike, kelly or james for a vplanet interview?
that could prove to be somewhat entertaining Big Grin

(Ask Tom/Zephod for more info, and see ZeoZones forum)

Jason: I read your message, I created an email address for you and put the details in an ICQ message. Should I PM them here to you? There is webmail access so hopefully it should be alright for you.
I know the URL for the Webmail I think, well it askes for my login, you have a similar system to what qb45.com had. I just need the user and pass.
SO what's the beef with QB45?
Well, someday we'll hang and burn Mr. Mike Doi$e as part of a ritual destined to purify the World Wide Web.
Zeozones? You mean Neozones?

Yeah, Joe, that would be a REALLY nice article. Gofor it!!!