Full Version: Should QBN have a "Report" button?
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This topic came up after I posted about how I find some sorts of thread titles very useless, annoying, and time-wasting.
Should we have a "Report" button to click on each thread, so the administrators could direct their attention to threads getting out of hand?
Anyway, the report button would be expirimental at first. That is, if (using the excellent point Rockuman brought up) people started reporting threads just because the poster annoyed them, we could just ditch it.
Anyway, this runs for five days, starting at about 9:30 PM, April 07th, GMT -5:00.
I don't think we really need it. Just PM one of the admins and we can take a look.
It works for larger forums (where there are millions of threads and mods have a harder time keep track), but I doubt it's very necessary for a forum of this size. I voted that I didn't care either way.
Man, you punks need to quit whining and start programming. Always complaining about something stupid...
Plasma: Damn straight! Get your buts off to QB. Now! Dont make me come over with my mop and start harassing you to stop whining! Dont make me!
*claps for Plasma* About time someone said something useful. If people spent more time coding and less time bitching, we'd really see some great products here. Tongue
ive noticed that alot of people just joined the forum to "be a part of the forum." i have seen no works in progress or finished products from quite a few members. i'd also like to add that people should post in the projects section "Who wants to" and "I'm starting a ____, who wants in." we would probably see some amazing things this way. 8)
Although I agree with Plasma, since we are on the topic I feel this system is unnecessary. But if the community is bent on implementing it we could implement a system like they have on eBay.