Full Version: Little question about the Birthday Mod - green?
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What does it mean when someone's upcoming birthday is listed in green, opposed to the usual Link color?
Green means they're a moderator in some form or another. It has nothing to do with the birthday mod.
Nekrophidius, Sumojo, moderators? Since when?
And that doesn't appear in the "Who's online" list...
Quote:Nekrophidius, Sumojo, moderators? Since when?
And that doesn't appear in the "Who's online" list...

Is it such a big deal that it doesn't appear in the who's online list? Tongue I believe they're moderators because they are in the "News Posters" group.
Yes, indeed, this was a stupid post.

Delete it, if you please. Smile
Nah I'm sure someone else would have asked about it. I actually kind of thought to myself "wtf" when I saw the green colours. My only "advantage" was that I had received an e-mail from the forum saying that I had been added to the "News Posters" group so it didn't take me long to figure out what was going on. Smile
Did this green thing just happen? I could have sworn when I saw myself down there earlier it was the standard color.
Well it happens on the SmartDark skin. And as far as I know it only just happened in the past few hours. Perhaps oracle could comment?
I added them to the news posters group to enable them to edit posts in the news forum, though I'm not sure if it works. Could one of you in the group who is not an admin check what you can do in the news forum?
We can edit and delete it seems. Tested edit, didn't test delete (for obvious reasons).
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