Full Version: To C or not to C
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I realize that this is a BASIC forum, but I wonder what folks thoughts are on the idea of adding a C catagory/forum. The reason I ask is, I've read enough posts here to know that many people here also do some variation of C programming along with their Basic programming. I'm just starting to play with C a bit, and it would be nice to have a one-stop resource for programming questions.

One could ask about a project their working on, and someone else might say, "That would work better in C, like this . . ." or vice-versa.

Just a thought. What do you think?

C stuff has its corner in General Programming sub-forum. In fact, most posts are about C.

I would not add a C specific forum. Let's remember that this is a QB site, and there are lots of C sites. If you want a complete C forum, look elsewhere.

IMHO, I consider that the GP subforum is enough for us, and a very cool idea.
Thanks nathan....I haven't perused all the sub=forums here yet, but your right, there's a bunch of good C stuff there.

I guess I have more readin' to do. :wink:

Whenever you have a question concerning C, feel free to post there Smile there are some good C-coders here Big Grin
As nathan said, this is a QB site. The reason for the GP forum is because most program in more than one language and its nice to ask questions other than QB here. But I'm happy with the GP forum, it shouldn't get too busy as most questions here are specific in some way.