Full Version: About Qbasicnews.com's downtime
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The reason for the downtime was a problem that occured from the move from the old server to the new server. The reason for the move was that my old host was sold/merged and all accounts had to be moved. Unfortunately my account (and therefore domains/sites) got lost due to the way the old host stored its customer data. But now everything has been updated/restored and there shouldn't be any problems, if there are please let me know.
Nice to know this is back again ! Smile

Lately I'm quite frightened when some of these events occur.
glad to see everything back on track =)

(if you saw my earlier message, disregard; I fixed it.)
And you know something, man, I just found out about it from between 1am EST and 1:07am EST, too! Anyway, three cheers and bravos **BIG-TIME** from me just simply to you, Wildcard, for pulling through the apparently many site-shutdown turmoils and difficulties, ALL for the benefit of the whole QB45/QB71 community!!! And look, I plain and deliberately thank God Almighty that only He has first enabled, encouraged, and empowered you to do so, really, to be __flatly__ out-and-out honest with you! Wink Wink May He so righteously and richly bless you without end........PERIOD! Big Grin


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P.S. If you choose, could you please add my homepage to your web site (QBasicNews.com)? I would most definitely appreciate it, really! Wink