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Quote:Although this board will tolerate debate on almost any topic, any debate that is about a "sensitive" topic (think religion, race etc), or any debate that users turn into a "sensitive" debate, will be locked.. This does not mean they can not be discussed but rather they need to be discussed carefully. If these topics get out of hand due to inappropriate posts/etc they will be locked or removed.

So our "passion of christ" thread wasn't being discussed carefully?
Quote:So our "passion of christ" thread wasn't being discussed carefully?

Most of the discussion was fine, it was the initial start of the discussion that I did not like. I don't know how you see it, but I think lighter discussions are nicer here than more heavy ones.

But if the discussion of heavier or unrelated topics is what you really wish, I will work on something that hopefully can have that but still allow people here to do either or both.
Why not have a debate and discussion forum?
I'm ok for that idea... at first I didn't think such a thing was for QbasicNews but due to recent postings I think it may be a good thing. But if such a forum were to be made it wouldn't be a "free-for-all" forum or something where you can flame to your hearts content. It would be just for controlled/calm/whatever debates or discussions on whatever you like.

And of course the forum name and a sticky at the top of the forum would contain sufficient warnings that things may be posted about "sensitive" topics... basically a "read at your own risk" idea. Heh.
Well, a talk about sensitive topics does not mean that they are gonna get out of hand, as demonstrated. Just look through the last examples of sensitive talk (about war, politics or religion).

My very point is that okay, you're right, if I want to talk about religion I should look for a forum about religion, *BUT* if a conversation in the general section turns into religion, politics, or anything... why not keep with it? Just that. The amount of posts about religion is not that high to be afraid that the forum becomes a council. I think we just have enough.

This is just what happens when there's free talk: people begin talkin about their interest. So it is normal that conversations turn into religious conversations. Blitz's first post about the film may had been a little harsh, but it's his style and I think we are everyone accustomed to it.
Well the thing we're trying to avoid is keeping people from becoming offended and therefore... losing a potential new visitor to this place. A topic does not have to get out of hand for someone to be offended. I didn't lock that topic because it was out of hand. In fact it was progressing very nicely for a topic on religion (I've seen some nasty ones on other forums heh). In all honesty I locked it because I sort of "snapped" after reading all the debate on the rules. It wasn't even the place for such a thing. Wildcard made a simple request and it kind of got twisted around a bit... sortof. Definitely not the most intelligent decision I ever made. But whatever, life goes on.

Anyway... that's all we're trying to do. To not offend people. I don't know how many people we have offended with some topics (it may turn out we haven't offended anybody... on the other hand we could have but not heard anything about it... I don't honestly know) but I would like to do our best to keep it from happening as best we can.
Quote:Why not have a debate and discussion forum?

And a general forum?

And a general about QB forum?

And a...

(No pun intended towards Sumo)

There was a debate/discussion forum, it was called general.

Just to be clear, what are we supposed to talk about, in general, in the general forum?

What we had for lunch?
Or, the überc00l new P4 with hyperthreading? (or is that a sensitive topic)

Either make this a PURE QB forum, or make some very, very, very, clear rules.

Like: "Only post stupid braindead things in the general section."

You claim you don't allow people to talk "freely" (some limits might be needed, but not really, but if you want them, sure) because that will scare potential new visitors/people away?

Ohh, so... you want to live in a harsch dictatorship where freespeech doesen't exist, and you get banned for complaining?

Democracy - Dictatorship

What's this forum? A closed down, inner circle/elite ruled, dictated forum.
Or a free, happy, flourishing free for all forum?

BTW, can I snap too? [imagine random link to child porn site here]

It's ok, I just snapped, this is a perfectly valid discussion, but I snapped so [another link]

If admins go above the rules, then other people will stop listening.
If you lock a topic and claim it's because of the rules, then don't go about and change the rules after you've locked the topic.

You changed the General Forum description AFTER posting in the thread saying it was out of line.

You say this is a QB only forum, then make it one, remove everything non-QB.. that's:
Art & Music
General Programming
Site/Forum Issues (that's not QB, so why have it, people can PM.)

You say that harsh rules are needed. They are not. Just look at TBN (This is an example, I'm not bringing this into this discussion, don't debate my chooise to use TBN here)

And if you want a pure forum, feel free to have a look at the Novix forum (http://www.Novix.tk) pure Novix.

It's not that hard, make it happen if you really want it.

But don't change rules, lock topics (even if they are ok) jump members for doing something that you personally don't like, aso.

Grow up. You're admins, you should act as examples for the entire forum. You're not allowed to snap, make misstakes and so on. If you do them anyways you shouldn't be admins.

Imagine a general making the misstake of sending 10'000 close ragne, light armed troops against 1'000 heavy armored tanks.
I don't think he would stay general for long, do you?
I think we should respect the forum rules.

Quote:In all honesty I locked it because I sort of "snapped" after reading all the debate on the rules.

Your intention was good. But it was counter productive to your second intention.

Quote:Anyway... that's all we're trying to do. To not offend people.

Z!re: I was trying to ignore your arrogant posts for sometime now. Everytime I read your posts I see your idleness. Its saddening. You're being rude and insulting. I dont think any of the posts are filled with anger or insults as yours *is*.
I'm not mad.. I'm making a point.

If they can, why can't we all?

Idleness? (huh? Care to explain idleness?)

And I'm not insulting anyone, I'm still making valid points, sure my posts are a bit provocative, and that's the point.

You might think it's ok for the admins to do whatever they want, and change rules and jump on forum members freely.

Well, congrats to you then. Because if we all just sit back, then you'll have exactly that.

Admins do make misstakes, but if they do they should correct them, like Oracle did, credits to him.

Admins should not lock/close topics and then, afterwards, change to rules to justify the lock/closeing.

You are arrested for a crime, but it's not in the law yet, it will be in a year or so, just wait in prison and we will tell you.

Proceed to directly to prison, do not pass "Go".
Z!re I can see that there's going to be no pleasing you so I'm not going to try.

Frankly, I'm not perfect, nor do I ever claim to be. I make mistakes... we all do.

All I have to say is that it's not worth getting all upset over this. Really... calm down. :roll:
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