Full Version: Best music maker program
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yah, this im new, but just to the forums not to qbasic ive been at it since i was 7. so make like a music staff you can type to place notes on and change speed and stuff. if any of you have a PALM then im working on a Ybasic version of this so you can use the stylas on the screen to select a area.it dosent have to be that complicated.
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Here is mine that I made:

Click Here to See

Pretty soon I'll add some graphics so that you can see the music the way it would look in real music books.[/url]

e: Oops I didn't see how old this was! :rotfl:
Was your qbasic music program inspired by ZZT music by any chance? It reminds me a LOT of the ZZT music format. Sorry if it's not. heh.
Quote:Oops I didn't see how old this was!

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Oh, Well on another forum, topics that are on the 5th page on the forum are never more than 2 weeks old...oh and ive never heard of zzt.
So what? Those are just forums with a lot of members, nothing standard
I think he knows that, HQ ;P
I just had to =P