Full Version: Tutorials section added to the AAP Official Projects Squad!
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The AAP Official Projects Squad has just been updated with a brand-new section designed for QuickBASIC/QBasic tutorials entitled the “QB Coder’s Tutorials Guild”. Here, it presents ALL FOUR (4) chapters of Relsoft’s current 3D tutorial series, with later on the possible addition of your latest new QB tutorials, if all goes well. More details await you beginning at http://dhost.hopto.org/aapproj/.
Hmm....can't access....
Site down? Wrong URL?
To Jocke the Beast:

Hello there again and it is *quite* the first time meeting you in such a rather long while. Cool !

Perhaps at the time you have written your post in this latest news thread, the site might’ve been down or something. BUT, as of today at 1:04pm EST and since then, my site and its URL are back up and fully working now!! Big Grin ! Now, you can enjoy the new section of my site whenever you want, Jocke. (And don’t worry, my site address is not the wrong URL, so you are cool on that! :wtnod: )

Plus, I have tested all of the download links in the online tutorials themselves to make sure they work, and I am *so* happy to say that they all do work 100%! Wink !

ALL IS OK NOW, and thank you so much, Jocke.


Adigun Azikiwe Polack
One of the Founders of “Aura Flow”
Continuing Developer of “Frantic Journey”
Current Developer of “Star Angelic Slugger”
Webmaster of the “AAP Official Projects Squad”

T H E • T H I R D • C A L I B E R • H A S • C U R R E N T L Y • A R R I V E D ! ! ! Big Grin !!
The QuickBASIC Caliber Programming Compo 2004/2005.
Now encouraging even more positive originality than ever before, it is jam-packed with all-new and *NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN* QB challenges, bigger and breathtakingly intense excitement, and MORE REVOLUTIONARY FUN like you have never, ever experienced, even including stuff based on the new and upcoming 2004 Athens Olympic Games, too!!! ;*) !

Got game for all this? Then I challenge you to please visit http://dhost.hopto.org/aapproj/qbcpc/. That means YOU, pal! Wink
The server was down again. It happens all the time. That's probably the worst host in the history of free web hosts. Sad
It's hosted on fdcservers and it's a free host giving away 300 gigs of bandwidth. I'm surprised it's up at all. Any IRC junkie knows that fdcservers blows monkey chunks.