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uhh...come again?
you're right speedlemon... i have lots of drive, but not enough fuel...
IGNORE! Oh shit... Ack. :oops:
Sad How did this suddenly become unread? :???:


your work is reallly good though man
Quote:Sad How did this suddenly become unread? :???:

Because for some bizarre reason, Syn9 decided to post a reply to Speedlemon 8 months after the thread died... Tongue
Its not bizarre. Theres a reason he posted 8 months after. did you read the thread?

If you cant figure it out, then post again and ill explain it.
Well, I did read the thread, then I re-read it after you said to, but I cant see a reason why he did so 8 months after?


dont give up syn9...

anyone whos seen your stuff knows what youre capable of
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