Full Version: BASIC Programming Challenge
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It's not QB in particular, but QB could be used to make an entry:

Quote: * Each line of the program must be numbered, in ascending (lowest to highest) order.
* Since this is a G-rated website, please do not send anything with mature content.

Yeah. Like line numbered programs weren't mature content.
Quote: * The program must be in pure BASIC. No machine code is allowed.

Quote:I will allow the following in your program:

* Graphics
* Sound and music
* User-defined characters
* Colour

Is that... PLAY, and SOUND?...

It's got cool entries though: http://basicchallenge.tripod.com/2004/entries.html
I'm gonna enter a modified bubble fight then. :*)
Gee, aren't you guys tired of games, games, games.....
Now all we needed was a challenge for writing games.
Can't you guys come up with real, everyday problems needing to be solved?
I have some hard everyday problems to solve for you... Wink

It's because I joined 2 times in an International Programming Competition, but I never got to the first four (I was fifth last year). Those problems they ask you there are QUITE hard..., although they're still easily put in a context of a story Wink

Shall I post one?
Yeah, Neo, go ahead and post one. I just hope they're straightforward problems, not trickily worded problems.
Ok, it's in a new topic called "NIO 2003 Exercise 3".
Exercise 3 is an interesting problem, but perhaps too time consuming for me at this time. Thanks.
Sad Too bad. It is possible to solve the exercise in 1 and a half hour or so. (I had to do it in 1.25 hour).

I hope you can take a look at it when you have some spare time. Wink

Btw Moneo, you can perhaps use the theories explained in the exercise to solve your problem: http://forum.qbasicnews.com/viewtopic.php?t=6710. Wink That's why I chose this exercise first Smile
Neo, thanks for thinking of me and my screenshot problem. You're right, Excercise 3 might give way to a solution. I'll need some time.
Thanks again.